Gold can exceed £1,450 ($2,000) says investment firm Aberdeen Standard

The investment firm Aberdeen Standard says it sees gold surpassing £1,450 ($2,000) despite the temporary tailwinds of stronger bond yields. The investment firm’s head of exchange-traded products said that bond yields are not sustainable, and their present returns does nothing to diminish the longstanding position of gold as a portfolio diversifier.

Dunn says that yields will inevitably fall, returning the precious metal to a position of power and renewing the bull run. He said, “The fundamental stories for the metal are still in place… Summer travel is still in question, and that could have a huge impact on the economic recovery. We are still far away from a full economic recovery, and we still see a lot of scares in the labor market.

“It’s in the Fed’s best interest that rates remain low and the dollar weakens. Bond yields can continue to rise, but at some point in time that you’re going to get a Fed response. At what level that happens, I don’t know, but it will come. That is what everyone is waiting for. The Fed needs to see higher inflation, but they don’t need higher interest rates, and that is a perfect environment for gold.”

With the fundamental economic conditions still strongly supportive of higher gold prices, maximise your investment by buying now before the bull run reignites.

With risk appetite on, now is the time to buy

An appetite for risk in the markets is creating a strong opportunity to buy if you act quickly. A stronger US dollar and positive bond yields mean that an upbeat risk appetite prevails as we hit mid-week; something that presents an extremely attractive window to buy for those keen to add gold to their portfolio.

The precious metal is trading around £1,222 ($1,686) – but that could all change as COVID infections remain persistently high across Europe and the US and there are new rumblings that President Biden plans to hike corporation tax rates to fund a multi-billion dollar infrastructure investment.

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