Buckle up for record highs says industry expert

Gold will return to a period of record highs, as soon as the next six to 12 months, says Peter Grosskopf, the CEO of investment firm Sprott Inc. Grosskopf is confident that it is now a case of when not if the bulls will charge, given a trio of market conditions which heavily favour runaway gold prices.

Speaking yesterday (Tuesday) he said, “Either you get a correction in financial markets, which is becoming more and more possible, I think, given how extended they’re getting. Secondly, you might get a major correction in rates, they’ve overshot now and are back down again. And thirdly, you might get disappointment on the economic side because the rollouts of economic growth, given COVID, and given other difficulties are taking longer to conspire.” His prediction of a slower than expected pace of recovery comes as the vaccine roll out suffers another blow, with the US deciding to pause its use of the Johnson & Johnson jab citing safety concerns.

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