Infrastructure spending strengthens gold’s appeal says analysts

US President Joe Biden marked 100 days in office earlier this week with an address to Congress which saw him outline a vastly ambitious, multi-trillion dollar infrastructure project.

The plan will see massive investment poured into a range of infrastructure works to modernise the nation, including green energy, high speed internet for rural areas and an improved power grid. This spending however, is not just good news for American citizens, it also provides a strong boost to gold and further strengthens the precious metal’s appeal, says industry analyst, Adam Button, chief economic strategist for ForexLive.

Button said, “You can’t have a better environment for gold. The government wants to spend more money and the central bank is going to keep interest rates low. It’s also what you want to hear if you are a gold investor. With everything that is going on, you just can’t help but be bullish on gold.”

If you caught our Wednesday Bulletin earlier this week, you’ll know that this is just one more point in favour of gold, with the resurging precious metal going from strength to strength. Act quickly and buy now to be in a position to benefit from this upswing.

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