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Delighted to offer a 5 star review

Delighted to offer a 5 star review.
My contact was with Michael who was great.
Answered all my questions and no pressure at all.
As someone new to buying gold he helped me through the whole process and has taught me a lot. It was great to hear about their relationship with TransEco and I felt in control and supported in my discussions and decisions.Michael helped me in the timing of my purchase to get the best deal possible.
It was refreshing to have everything explained so clearly.
Overall a first class service.


I like the fact that Transeco looks after it’s environment and it is very good for the 300 workers living in the Area who they look after very well and Train in the various skills needed for the jobs in hand!
Plus the fact my investment in the Yellow stuff is both helping me and them at the same time! Well done! And Keep Safe!
Queen’s Scout & Leader.

Tex Robinson
I'd definitely recommend The Gold Safe

I’d definitely recommend The Gold Safe. At first, as a newbie to buying gold, I thought getting an 18% discount sounded too good to be true and was worried it might have been a scam. However, after talking to Mark Greene and researching the company, I was happy to proceed, although I still decided to buy half with them and half physical gold I could have delivered straight away, even though I wouldn’t get such a sizable discount on that. Mark, not being too pushy, pointed me to the best place to purchase this.

Since then, Mark has kept me up to date with any dips in the market and I have invested with The Gold Safe again. I’m looking forward to receiving my first returns next year.

I also love the fact TransEco seem to be an ethical mining company, who treat their workers as they should.

As a final note, I should also mention, bring disabled, I have a bit of a speech impediment and I often find people don’t take the time to listen to me and/or they treat me differently. This is not the case with Mark though, who always listens and explains things just as he would to anyone else. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy who wants to do the best for his clients.

Mr Doidge