The Opportunity

Despite the indications of extremely high yields, no other company other than TransEco Minerals & Mining Ltd have been able to combine the necessary skills, equipment, working knowledge and local and national relationships in order to take full advantage of this bountiful opportunity.

Our unique advantages are summarised below:

TransEco have discovered a huge opportunity within the new status of large scale mining. We have a professional management team and Consultants required to maximise this opportunity. TransEco is the vehicle through which we intend to capitalise our plans and turn the constraints that hold large-scale mining to our advantage in order to compete with large global Gold producers.
TransEco compliments our corporate ethos. The project brings investors, small and large scale gold mining producers together with the entire operation professionally managed from London, UK. The current geo-political and financial demands predict huge upward trends in commodities and we are aggressively pursuing a growing share of (in particular) in ground Gold deposits and gold production.