Use of Water

Gold production is a water intensive process and effective water management is not just crucial to our business but an essential aspect of our environmental obligations.
We are currently employing new technology which enables us to negate the use of traditional settling and slime ponds and reuse 100% of the 150,000 gallons per hour of fresh water currently needed in processing ore.
Traditional settling and slime ponds are extremely costly and labour intensive and would normally contribute to up to 50% of any downtime incurred during our daily operations. In addition, without the need for these extensive ponds which can stretch for many acres on each site, there is far less impact on the environment.
TransEco recognized early on that reducing water consumption and our reliance on traditional methods was essential to not only becoming more environmentally friendly but also in reducing production costs and potential downtime through maintenance issues.
We have manufactured bespoke machinery using technology designed and built by our onsite and outsourced engineering facilities and implemented a system which has only two byproducts – fresh water and a solid ‘cake’ produced from the dry sand and clay which is ready to use for land regeneration.
We are proud to be currently the only company in Ghana using this cutting edge technology.