Transeco Minerals & Mining are committed to making a positive difference in the communities where they are located, seeking to improve social and economic circumstances through economic contributions, community involvement, community consultation, support and development of school and healthcare programs and sponsoring special events. Our attitude is to always add value and to help local communities by providing employment and where possible, structural benefits.
Aside from the energy required to power the machinery, our plant relies solely on water to extract gold. There is no use of any chemicals or hazardous material whatsoever in our production process. The water we use is recycled and cleaned via our own environmentally friendly settling ponds. Our by-product is tailings of stones and rock which are distributed without charge to the local community for all manners of construction and farming, eg the building of schools, houses and roads.
The way in which we regenerate the land has achieved much attention from the local mining industry. After backfilling the land, we add fertilized topsoil and plant crops of the farmers choice such as Cocoa, Banana and Pineapple. This standard has not gone unrecognized and in April 2020 we were awarded an accreditation as a Model Mine by the Accra Mining Network. This encourages mining organisations to follow our lead in the quest for responsible, clean and sustainable ways of working in the industry.
The Company’s strategy for advancement as a responsible mining company is to work in partnership with community bodies, government officials and other stakeholders to improve understanding and encourage open, constructive dialogue and trust. We take the responsibility to carefully integrate economic, environmental and social dimensions into our business decision-making process very seriously. Our objective is to make meaningful contributions to the host communities where we operate and minimize the environmental footprint in those areas.