Unearthing Ghana’s Potential
A diversified resource company that balances economic and ecological factors, reducing risk,
enhancing a reputation for delivering regional land sustainability and returning value to investors.
Embracing Innovation
Incorporating advances in mining technology which enable us to advance towards the future
with the highest green credentials, safeguarding the land and communities within which we work.
Dedicated to Sustainability
Operating with a fundamental and profound respect for the wellbeing and future of our local
environment and community, building symbiotic relationships with all those with which we work.
Committed to the Community
Building strong, open and transparent relationships with all communities within which we
work, enhancing the lives of local people in providing education and access to medical care.
Conscious of the Environment
Conscientiously employing diligent mining practices and production processes without the use
of hazardous chemicals, producing gold with no toxic waste and zero environmental impact.

Focused on sustainability

TransEco Minerals and Mining is a gold mining company operating in Ghana, West Africa. Our operation spans across Ghana and partners our offices in the UK.
Armed with a vast experience of mining and local knowledge, we began our journey as a small scale mining operation in 2008. After many successes in the small scale arena, in 2018 we were granted the license to become a large scale miner, allowing us to grow at pace into the organization we are today.

Our promises

TransEco will always seek to respect both the environment and the communities within which it works. Our attitude is to always add value and to help local communities by providing employment and, where possible, structural benefits.
Health & Safety
Health and safety in all areas of work is of utmost importance. Our primary objective is to operate the business free of occupational injury and harm.
Our objective is to make meaningful contributions to the communities where we operate and minimize the environmental footprint in those areas.
Human Rights
Aspects of human rights cut across our entire business. We recognise that upholding human rights is an essential part of how we conduct our business.
The TransEco ethos is to always add value and to help local communities by providing employment and where possible, structural benefits.

International Gold News

Learn about how TransEco are unearthing Ghana’s potential and our work with local communities.

Community work

We have built schools for the community to ensure all have access to education. We provide technology to local communities and hospitals to assist in the upgrading of technology across the region.
The Company also took part in a local festival known as Odwiratuo in late 2011 and received a letter of appreciation from the regional King’s office.